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The Church of Everlasting Life
About Us
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Our beliefs and practices.

On this page we will tell you about ourselves.

Our Church

Doug is a minister ordained by the Universal Life Church based in Modesto, Ca. He is also an ordained minister in the Church of Spiritual Humanism. His faith is strong and he lives in a way that presents people with a positive view of God. He does not have a physical church preferring to keep his church internet based. His compassion for others who have a crisis in faith or in their personal lives is very strong. By not taking donations he remains free from the strictures which money places on religion.

Our Philosophy

Our mission is to preach the love of God and His son Jesus. Death is nothing more than a passage from one life to another. God is always ready to accept His children when they come home to Him. Even on earth, he is always with us to support us and guide us in everything we do. In our most troubled times he is there to carry us until we can walk on our own. Through personal experience the love of God is known and felt by everyone who needs it. When we are baptized we are refreshened and reborn in the life of great holiness and love of our dear Father. Noone need fear the dark or the light as God will protect them from all evil.

The Church of Everlasting Life-25 Alexander Street-Albany-New York-12202 (518) 432-4741